This masterclass is for you if:

  • You feel like you are releasing track after track without creating any real impact
  • You have no idea how to create a Facebook post that works
  • You want more tools to promote your events to the right audience
  • You would like to start using Facebook ads but have no idea where to begin
  • You have used Facebook ads but felt they were a waste of money and brought you dozens of fake likes that resulted in the reduction of your organic reach
  • You want to become more successful without the need of the support from major labels
  • You have the feeling that social media is a waste of time

Why start with Facebook?

Facebook is the no. 1 platform. If you know how to use it you can really grow any other social media platform. This is actually how all the big artists started. They focused on Facebook first and then expanded to grow other social media platforms. The key is to understand how Facebook works, and this is exactly what I will teach you in the masterclass.

In the past two years Facebook has launched several new tools. When used in the right way they will help you reach your most faithful fans and followers. One of these tools lets you collect the data of anyone who viewed your page, interacted on one of your posts by liking, commenting or sharing or even just watched one of your videos over the course of the past year.

I will show you how to use this data to create well-targeted posts and Facebook ads that will let you reach the right audience and potential new followers. You might not know it, but even if you posted one video that has a 1000 views, you are already sitting on a mine of gold!

Basically if you have ANY idea that you want to sell online, my masterclass will help you reach the audience you need to make your idea a success.

I believe artists don’t need to release a lot of tracks to become successful, all you need is a couple of quality releases a year in combination with a strong online presence and a good social media plan.

At the end of the masterclass you will have all the tips and tricks you need.

You will learn:

  • How the Facebook algorithm works and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to grow your FB page both organically as well as with targeted ads
  • How to create ads that will give you extreme value for money
  • How to promote yourself, your music, your events or any idea you want to sell through your Facebook/Instagram pages without the need of the support of big artists and major labels

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